Our Complete Upper Body Workout is great for toning your arms, shoulders and core.  It's also a great workout to do if you're dealing with a lower body injury.  Performing this workout will help your body burn fat and calories. We encourage you to repeat this circuit at least three times. For an added challenge, combine with a light jog or other form of cardio. Head to the video section of for a complete how to video. You got it! 


20 Arm Circles | Forward
20 Arm Circles | Backward
20 Arm Hugs | Side to Side
20 Arm Circles | Side
40 Cross Punches | 20 each arm
40 Ceiling Punches | 20 each arm
20 Punch Cross Hook Jab | 10 each arm
20 Cross punches | 10 each side
10  Push-ups | modify by lowering knees to the ground
10 Lateral plank arm raises | 5 each side
Repeat three times | stretch