Elliptical – 20 minutes

                The goal is to heat the body up and start sweating. Choose the level of intensity that is most comfortable for you. A good goal is to start at level 2 and work your way up from there. Go hard!


                Take this time to give your body a deep stretch. I encourage you to also add in a few yoga poses. This will give your body a deep stretch, while toning and lengthening. Another suggestion would be to grab a foam roller and use on sore or tight muscles.

Weighted Medicine Ball 3x10

                Hold ball with both hands. Bend at the waist. Keep both arms as straight as possible, begin to raise arms above head with ball in place. Slowly return to starting position.

Standing Band Ab Rotation 3x10

                Place resistance band around solid object, at about the height of your chest. Stand sideways to your cable band. Place your feet hip distance a part. Hold the band relatively close to your body, and slightly below your chest. Bring the tension of the band to the mid-line of the body. Slowly rotate your torso away to create more tension on the band. Do this, all while you still maintain the band position at your mid-line. Hold each count briefly and then slowly return to starting position. Arms should be extended and do both sides.

Core Chops 3x15

               Keep your band tied in the same place you did the Standing Band Ab Rotation. For this exercise, take one knee and move far enough away to create some tension on the band. Keeping your back straight, your core and arms tight, act as if you are swinging a baseball bat in slow motion. Turn the band across the front of your body, slowly forward and back. Really let the resistance do the work! You should do this with each knee down for turning right and then also for turning left. 

Medicine Ball Crunches 2x25

                Place your lower back onto the medicine ball. Without straining your neck, place your eyes on the ceiling, hands behind your head and begin to crunch forward. Do your best to squeeze your abs the entire time. Don't forget to breathe!

Cool Down/Stretch

                The cool down can be the best part of the workout.  It's a great time to stretch again, to help prevent any injuries. All while allowing your heart rate to come back down naturally.