You will need a Bosu Ball and resistance band for these exercises. 


30 minute cardio session of choice (running, inclined walking, elliptical, stair master)

Deep Stretch

Band Seated Row

3x12 (30 seconds rest)

Sit on your bottom with both legs extended out in front. Place the middle of the band around your feet and grab both bands on both sides. Keeping your arms tucked in, pull your arms back and slowly resist back to the start position. 



30 second breaks (to modify place knees onto ground)

Standing Side to Side Reverse Flys

3x12 (30 seconds rest)

Start standing in place with your left foot on top of the Bosu ball, and your right foot next to it on the floor. The motion of your feet should be jumping from one foot to the other switching which one is on top of the Bosu ball. It should almost feel like a side to side lunge transferring which foot is on top of the ball. The last part of this progression is to add a squat every time you switch of your feet. After you have you have the motion of your feet down, take your resistance band in both hands and extend your arms directly in front of your chest. As you go into the squat now from the original motion, pull the band apart in front of you. Make sure to keep your arms tight, and in a straight line as you pull across your body making the shape of a "T" at the very bottom of your squat. Release the tension of the band and jump simultaneously to repeat this movement on the other side of the Bosu ball. 

Arm Resistance Standing Bicep Curl

4x12 (30 seconds rest)

Standing upright, place the middle of the resistance ban underneath both feet. Wrap each side of the resistance band around both hands while making a fist. Keeping both elbows tucked into the sides of your body, begin to pull the resistance bands towards your armpits and then slowly return to the start position.

Bosu Ball Push-Up into Burpee

4x8 (30 seconds rest)

Flip the Bosu ball, so the bottom is facing the ceiling. Grab each side of the Bosu ball and come to a push-up plank position. Jump your feet up to the Bosu ball (not on it) and then stand lifting the Bosu ball towards the ceiling. Place the ball back down on the ground, return to the plank position and perform a push-up. Repeat.

Cool Down + Stretch