We want you to feel confident in your clothes and in your bikini this summer! That's why we are challenging you to put our SUMMER AB WORKOUT to the test! Include this workout into your weekly routine, and you start seeing result by summer. We suggest incorporating these exercises every other day or every two days. Remember, you don't need to work your abdominal muscles every day. You want to give those muscles proper time to rest, recover, and form properly. Lastly, physical activity plays a large role in looking your best, but remember your food has a big impact too. Have you ever heard the saying, "abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym"? This ol' saying couldn't be more true. You cannot out exercise a poor diet. So, include a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and this ab workout to get the results you've been hoping for!  



Perform each ab exercise for 20 seconds. Don't focus on the number, rather on your form. Good results come with proper form and technique. Be careful not to strain your neck, warm up before beginning, and stretch when you are done. 


FLAT BACK CRUNCHES: Lay your entire body flat on the ground. Place hands behind your head for support. Keep your eyes focused on the ceiling and raise the upper portion of you back. 

20 second rest

PRETZEL CRUNCHES: Place your legs in a pretzel fold. Place hands behind your head for support. Keeping your eyes focused on the ceiling, raise the upper portion of your back and repeat. Crunching the lower half of your body

20 second rest

SUPERMAN LIFTS: Flip over onto your stomach. Lay your body flat on the ground. At the same time, lift your arms straight out in front of you, and your legs straight up behind you. 

20 second rest

BENCH LIFTS: Lie down on a weight bench or hang onto someone with your arms behind you. Keeping your ankles together, slowly raise both feet into the air until your bum is off of the bench or floor. Slowly lower down just until your legs reach the bench. Repeat

20 second rest

BICYCLE CRUNCHES: Lying on your back, pull both knees together and raise them to 90 degrees off of the floor. Rotating legs, turn the opposite elbow to your opposite knee. As you do this, your knees and elbows should be working to meet each other, while crunching in your core. Go in a side to side fashion like your pedaling a bike.

20 second rest

OBLIQUE CRUNCHES: Begin by lying on your side with your legs slightly bent in toward your upper body. Take the outside hand and place behind your neck. Slowly crunch your obliques in by slightly raising your legs off the ground allowing your elbow to meet your knees. 

20 second rest

TOE TOUCHES: Begin by lying with your back flat on the ground, and raise your feet straight up to the ceiling.  Take your hands now and try to touch your toes and slowly lower your upper body back down. Repeat

REPEAT THIS CIRCUIT 3 TIMES: Use the same 20 seconds working 20 seconds resting pattern.