5 minute warm up of choice

3x12 Med Ball Toe Taps: Begin with both feet planted on the ground and medicine ball in hands. Shift weight to one foot, lift the opposite leg with knee bent and food behind you, and bend at waist. Bring medicine ball to shin, pull upper body to starting position, squeezing bum once your reach the top. Rotate legs.

3x20 Inner Thigh Squeezes: Lay flat on the ground, with your chest facing the ceiling and legs out in front of you. Place a stability ball between the inner portion of your calves. Begin squeezing the ball in and out as hard as you can. For added ab work, lift your back slightly off of the ground and place arms out in front of you.

3x12 Kettle Bell Squats: Begin in a squat position with 5 pound kettle ball or weight in both hands. Arms and weigh should be straight down to the ground. As you come to a standing position, arms with weight should raise to shoulder height. Keep arms slightly bent but in front of you.

3x12 Med Ball Lunges: Hold the Med Ball in your arms locking them at 90 degrees. Lunge forward with one foot, and plant your leg far enough away from your body that you get a 90 degree bend in your knee. Make sure you step out far enough not to allow your knee to go past your toes when you squat down. While you are in the bottom of you squat take the med ball and rotate it over your planted foot, activating your core. Squeeze and then return to neutral with the med ball and explode back to starting position. Repeat on the other foot doing 12 on each side.

5 minute cool down + stretch

Note: This would be great to do before a 20-30 minute cardio session.