This workout should take you about 45 minutes! Follow up this workout with one of our delicious protein packed smoothies!


5 Minute Warm-Up – To warm up get out there and walk, jog, bike, even jump rope! Just get out there and start getting active to warm your body up!

Combination or Set #1 –  Mix all of the following exercises together one immediately after the other and repeat 3 times (take a brief break but no more than two minutes in between each FULL set but not in between each individual exercise):

1)     Step Ups – Grab a box or even a staircase and start getting into motion! Left foot up, Right foot up, Left foot down, right foot down (you get the picture) do this as FAST as you can for 30 seconds.

2)     Jumping Jacks – After step ups, get jumping into this childhood favorite for 30 seconds!

3)     Resting Plank – Get down into push up or elbow plank position and hold your body up for 30 seconds! If you need to modify, go to your knees. Make sure not to put too much pressure on your joints! If you can hold it easily for 30 seconds push yourself to go longer!

4)     Knee Slides – Get down into sit up position on your back. Place your hands on your thigh and slide them up to the top of your knees into a mild sit up! Do this at least 30 reps!

5)     Rest – rest for at least 1 minute but no longer than 2 minutes. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.



1)      Side to Side Shuffle – Find a place where you have at least 15 -25 yards to shuffle from side to side. Go back and forth in a shuffle, run, or cross-over step for 30 seconds! However you choose to do it, go as fast as you can!

2)      Sit Down Side to Sides – Sit on the ground and lift your feet off of the floor. In a controlled motion lock your hands like you are praying and swing them from one side of your hips to the other side touching the floor each repetition! Without losing your upper body control, go as fast as you can touching the floor 30 times EACH SIDE! Add weight or a dumbbell if desired! Try not to rest during the exercise, rather slow your pace down if needed. Take a break if needed, however, try to get all 30!

3)     Mountain Climbers – Get into Push up position and instead of holding it like a plank, bring one knee to your chest then return it back to the plank position! Rotate between each foot one after the other like you’re marching! Once you get the hang of it go as fast as you can! Do this exercise for 30 seconds

4)     Rest – rest for at least 1 minute but no longer than 2 minutes. Make sure you are drinking water in between!


1 minute Cool Down – Make sure you slowly bring your body and heart rate down to a normal status! Make sure to do this at the end of each workout by stretching, a slow bike, or even walking! This would also be a great time for a smoothie or recovery drink from one of the Petite Selectarian Meal Plans & Website!