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Healthy Halloween

Is it just me or is time flying? One minute I'm enjoying warm temperatures and then next thing you know it's time for some tricks and treats! It's a bittersweet feeling as we wrap up the month. I admit that I'm looking forward to the holidays, but I'll most certainly miss the beautiful fall weather we've had here in Germany. Being able to workout in the great outdoors is such a blessing! Not to mention, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with delicious fall recipes and activities (as if you couldn't tell). There's just something so warm and cozy about this time of year. I feel like it's the kick off for the upcoming holidays. From trick-or-treating (if you have little ones), to Halloween parties, and not to mention sweets and treats galore. We've truly had a blast this fall, but before you begin celebrating, I would like to give you a few healthy treats from our "kitchen."

If you have kids, you've probably set the limit on how much candy they're allowed to have after trick-or-treating. Yes, it's Halloween so go ahead and let them enjoy a few pieces. In fact, allow yourself a few pieces too! It's all about moderation. To keep yourself and your little ones on track, here are a few ideas on how to balance the sugary loaded fun.

1. Feed yourself and your children a balanced and healthy meal before taking on the sugar. This may help with the urge to snack while walking through the neighborhood. This will also help if you plan on attending a Halloween party, where you'll most likely come across many goodies. Allow yourself to have a few treats in moderation but don't hang out by the snack table all night. It's too tempting and may become a freightening sight for your stomach.

2. Set a limit. Decide how many treats will satisfy you, without giving yourself (and the little ones) a night time sugar spike. Set aside the amount you have chosen, enjoy it without the guilt, and then quickly put the rest away. 

3. Donate the candy. If you are anything like me, having treats in the home can be tempting and dangerous. This is why I rarely buy any. Set a small amount aside and then consider giving away the rest. I've read suggestions like donating to children at The Ronald McDonald House and also sending to soldiers overseas (there may be a non-profit that participates in this). This would be a great way to encourage your little ones to give! 

4. Pass out healthier alternatives. You may not be the "cool" house on the street giving away king size candy bars, but you will be doing the little ones a favor. Instead of candy consider passing out oranges, stickers, or other fun toys. 

5. Take in the fresh air and get moving. There's no better time to go for a lovely walk than on Halloween. The air is crisp and there's a certain smell that reminds you of your childhood. If you don't have little ones to walk with like me, plan on going for an evening walk. There's something special about Halloween night as the leaves crunch below your feet and neighborhoods come to life. 

I believe every season should be embraced to the fullest and that doesn't mean deprivation. It means living a fufilled life where you can enjoy little indulgences in balance and moderation. Here at we've spent a lot of time creating and bringing you fall recipes that would allow you to enjoy what everyone else is, with a healthy spin. My goal is to show you being healthy means  a balanced life, filled with love, and happiness. Here's s a look back on some of the fall recipes we brought you.

We have had so much fun this fall! You can find these recipes and others in the recipe section right here in our "kitchen." Here at we are wishing all of you a SAFE, HAPPY, and HEALTHY HALLOWEEN!


Fall has arrived and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The trees are changing into colorful spectacles and the fresh autumn air is crisp and comforting.  It comes with relief as our summer clothes are packed away and cozy sweaters are brought back to life. We begin to fall back into a routine and surprisingly it feels good. There are countless treasures to enjoy during these months. Weekends are spent watching your favorite football teams, drinking pumpkin lattes, and picking out pumpkins. It’s the season we impatiently look forward to all year long, and wish would stay just a little bit longer. Thankfully it’s here, and because it is we thought it would be the perfect time to share its health benefits. Consider it the calm before the storm, and by storm we mean the holidays (although we are looking forward to that too!).

Let’s begin by focusing on the main purpose of fall, the autumn harvest! Take advantage of fresh produce grown directly by your local farmer. Use local produce to prepare your favorite fall recipes. You’ll find simple fall dishes right here, like our Healthy Butternut Squash Soup.

When you aren’t enjoying the delicious foods of fall, take a moment to stop and soak in the beauty around you. It’s gorgeous! Mix in an outdoor workout, walk with your family, go on a hike, or try some outdoor yoga.
Create a relaxing cooking space. Start your experience by washing your hands with your favorite fall scented hand soap (all-natural). Light a seasonal soy candle and turn on some relaxing music. Consider making this a family affair. Grab the kiddos or your significant other and have some fun while putting dinner together.

We eat healthy food to nourish our bodies, prevent disease, and other illnesses. Find ways to incorporate healthy eating into everyday living. Remember, it’s a way of life. Try swapping your favorite dishes into healthier alternatives. After a period of time you’ll notice your cravings will change. Fruit treats like our "Candy Corn" parfait will become sweeter, and our skinny veggie pizza will be beyond satisfying. Be patient; it doesn’t happen overnight. Trust the process!

"Candy Corn" Parfait

1/2 cup mango or pineapple cubed
1 tangerine peeled and sliced
1/4 cup plain yogurt 

1. In a small glass or jar begin layering fruit starting with mango or pineapple.
2. Add tangerine slices and yogurt of choice.
3. Top with coconut shreds or bee pollen (optional).

Life can get busy and we often forget there’s no better time to find balance than in the fall.  Incorporate healthy food, physical activity and joy. Why not be the best that we can be? Leave unhealthy habits behind, and fall into good health.

Best in Health,

Jenna Lento

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  1. SWITCH UP YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE: If you find yourself doing the same workout every day, you may not be getting the results you deserve!  The key is to challenge your body by performing different exercises. Focus on different muscle groups and consider adding in cardio to your routine. Get your heart rate up! We encourage you to change up your workout routine each week.
  2. CREATE AN UPBEAT PLAYLIST: Music can make or break your workout! No, seriously! Try adding some fast paced music to your playlist and let the beats pump you up!
  3. SWITCH UP YOUR MEAL PLAN: If you eat the same foods, it may be time to make some changes. Like your workout, we need to continue to challenge the body and introduce different nutritious foods from time to time. Find what works best for your body!
  4. GRAB A WORKOUT BUDDY: Sometimes, we need a friend to motivate us and get us through our workouts. There is nothing wrong with that! Partner up with a motivated friend and push each other in the gym.
  5. POST-WORKOUT PROTEIN: Your body needs replenished after a good workout. When you perform resistance exercises, it breaks down the muscle. You need amino acids to repair and build.
  6. UTILIZE YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Lately, I’ve been using YouTube to get a good workout in.  It offers many FREE workouts to follow. You can do these workouts in your home, at your convenience. There are many to choose from!
  7. ACCEPT A DAY OF REST: We want results, so we think we need to keep pushing our bodies! Not a good idea! Allow yourself at least one day of rest. Your body needs the time to rest and recover. If it’s never given the time to recover you could run into injury.
  8. HAVE FUN: Working out shouldn’t be something you dread! Find a type of physical activity you enjoy and go after it! Getting active doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym. Get your heart rate up at home by dancing in the kitchen with your kids or going for a family walk. If you have little ones, pop them in the stroller for a little extra weight while you walk or jog.
  9. GET A TRAINER: You don’t need a trainer for each workout, rather on occasion to give you fresh ideas  and motivation. Take those new ideas and use them on your own to get the results you are looking for!
  10. DRINK MORE WATER: We HAVE to hydrate our bodies, and even more so when working out! Stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. Loading up on H2O also helps flush out toxins and aids in weight loss. 

***Always consult your doctor before making any changes regarding your health and wellness. We offer suggestions, but don't claim to be medical experts.