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12 Days of a Stress Free & Healthy Holiday

On the twelfth day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... the dirty dozen produce list. This is the latest list of produce containing the highest pesticide residue. The list includes some rather popular fruits and vegetables. Many health experts say these dirty friends should always be bought with the USDA ORGANIC label. The produce that made the 2014 naughty list are;







Sweet Bell Peppers

Nectarines (imported)


Cherry Tomatoes

Snap Peas (Imported)


Source: Environmental Working Group

On the eleventh day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... eleven workout ideas to stay active and fit this winter!


Going for a Walk

Hot Yoga Class


Lifting Weights

Sledding + running up the hill


Cardio Circuit (we have plenty to share under fitness!)

Shovel Snow

Cross Country Skiing

On the tenth day of Christmas my health coach gave to me … ten minutes of natural vitamin D. The winter months have us bundled up and cozy outside. This can often lead to lower levels of vitamin D. While it’s good to take vitamin D supplements, many health experts suggest taking in at least ten minutes of natural rays to get the job done. So bundle yourself up and get outside. I promise you won’t turn into a snowman! 

On the ninth day of Christmas my health coach gave to me … nine encouraging words from all of us at!

You are Great!

You are Loved

You are Talented

You are Smart

You are Worth It

You have a Purpose

You are Amazing

You are Blessed 

You are Wonderful

On the eighth day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... eight glasses of puridied water. Drinking water should always be a priority! Drink a large glass of water upon rising and keep a water bottle on you, all throughout the day. Doing so will help you stay hydrated, improve digestion, and possibly limit cravings. If you have a hard time drinking water, we encourage you to add fresh lemon juice to your water. Adding lemon can also help balance your body's pH levels. Bonus! Don't forget to stick with clean and purified water - never tap!

On the seventh day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... AT LEAST seven hours of sleep each night. Try to get at least seven hours or more if possible. Sleep is crucial for rest and recovery. It helps you to stay on track and can also reduce cravings and weight gain. Your sleep zone should feel like a sanctuary filled with comfort. If you are having trouble sleeping, try taking a warm bath before bed and and light some candles. Another suggestion would be to drink some warm chamomile tea. If that doesn't work, try incorporating nighttime yoga poses to your routine. Mist your room with all-natural lavender mist  and keep it dark.

On the sixth day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... six days of physical activity. This may seem like a lot, but often something comes up and that one extra day is out the door. This ensures you will get at least four to five days of physical activity in. I recommend at least 30-minutes each time you work out. Also, find something you like! If you don’t like to run, it’s simple, don’t run. Maybe you like to dance in your kitchen or power walk around the block. Whatever you do, just move!

On the fifth day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... five minutes of morning meditation. The holidays are a lot of hustle and bustle. Well, life in general is a lot of hustle and bustle. From the time our alarm clock goes off we begin our day without taking a moment for ourselves. Kick off your morning with five minutes of prayer and meditation. Cherish this time to clear your mind and step away from your to-do list. It’s a moment to relax, find clarity and peace.

On the fourth day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... four delicious and healthy snack ideas. It’s good to keep healthy snacks prepared and on hand so you don’t choose unhealthy options. Keep snacks stored in your refrigerator, in your car and cupboards so it's available to eat. Some of our favorite healthy snacks are smoothies, almonds, fresh fruit and vegetables.

On the third day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... a bundle of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, also considered essential fatty acids.  You need it in order to keep a healthy temple (body), that works and runs properly. There are a number of health benefits, including the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body. You can find Omega-3 in fish and supplements. ALWAYS, always consult with your doctor before making any new changes to your health and diet.

On the second day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... a homemade winter facial scrub using two simple ingredients. The crisp December air has arrived and let’s be honest, it's not going away anytime soon. The fresh blanket of snow may look beautiful, but that dry flaky skin most certainly isn’t! Not to worry, here’s a homemade face mask that may help. Mix one avocado with one egg yolk and lather on your face. Rinse the mask from your face and moisturize.  

On the first day of Christmas my health coach gave to me ... one giant loving hug! That’s right a hug! Everyone needs a little love, and when we don’t feel satisfied in that department, we reach for other sources of love and comfort. This often results in overindulging in food to satisfy the love chemical, which releases from our brain when we feel warm and cozy inside. Next time you are feeling sluggish or craving something naughty, go on and hug it out!