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Thanksgiving Day Collection

It's a time to give thanks, spend time with those we love and of course eat! Most of the day is spent around the table eating our favorite and traditional Thanksgiving dishes. We want you to completely enjoy the day, but couldn't help but offer a few healthy suggestions to keep you on track with your wellness goals this holiday. Remember, it's all about balance and moderation. Enjoy what you please in small portion sizes and refrain from going back for seconds. Here is a list of our holiday recipes that can bring both health and satisfaction to your Thanksgiving table! 

Since you will most likely be consuming a few extra calories later in the day, we encourage you to keep things light earlier in the day. We have many healthy options to choose from here at our healthy home, but we are especially favoring our green smoothies for Thanksgiving Day. Not only are they light in calories, but they are packed with the nutrition you can't always count on later (especially if you're going elsewhere for dinner). 

We all love to kick off a party or dinner with appetizers. This year, try bringing our light pumpkin fluff with organic graham cracker sticks or freshly cut apples. Another options is our harvest trail mix. It comes packed with healthy fats and protein. Remember, you don't want to go overboard here. Take a small plate, toss on small portions of your appetizers, and step away from the table. 

 In place of traditional rolls, try one of our Paleo bread recipes. Both are gluten free, whole food versions of what you may be used to! Beat the bloat and the simple carbs with these two healthy alternatives. 

Healthy side dishes can make a big difference in the way you feel after your feast. We've created healthy alternatives to some of the more popular Thanksgiving dishes.

Instead of a high calorie green bean casserole, try our steamed greens with slivered nuts and cranberries. It's delicious!

Swap our the high calorie, sugar filled sweet potato casserole with our Hasselback sweet potato recipe. Not to mention, this recipe is easy and looks beautiful.

Put down the boxed, processed, and carbohydrate filled mashed potatoes and opt for our Cauliflower mash.

You can also offer to bring our Roasted Vegetables to dinner. It's easy to make, packed with good health and you will feel good about loading your plate with this food! It's delicous and creamy, and your guests may not even tell the difference!

Again, swap out the boxed stuffing for our whole grain skinny stuffing. It's packed with healthy whole grains that will keep your system happy after a big meal!

Lastly, if you're offering a salad, try putting together our healthy salad dressing. Its' natural healthy ingredients will dress those greens with nutrtion and tastiness too! 

You can't really enjoy this holiday meal without pumpkin pie! We replaced the bad fats with the healthy fats with our Skinny Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake. It's made with good for you ingredients and tastes just as good - or in our opinion is even better! Enjoy your fruit salad with real fruit and our coconut whip. This recipe will bring an extra hearty dose of vitamin C to the table. 

We want you to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and make room for healthy options as well. There is a balance with everything, so keep that in mind when it comes to your Thanksgiving dinner. Here at we are grateful for all of you and your support. Thank you for allowing us to share our passion of health and wellness. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!