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5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer! Ah, just saying that word makes me smile from ear to ear. School is letting out, the backyard grill is heating up, and the warm sun is shining upon our faces. It’s a beautiful time of year as the flowers and gardens organically come to life. As we watch nature turn into a picture perfect view, we can also take this time to check in with our health routine, turn up the heat, and make this summer the best one yet. Here are some of our favorite ways to stay or get healthy this summer.


We have waited all year for these warm and toasty months to return. Many of us spent a lot of time indoors these last few months, while “Old Man Winter” had a hissy fit outside. Now that the cool temps have finally taken a hike, it’s time for us to get outside and take in some fresh air. Fresh air truly does do the body good. It allows fresh oxygen to circulate in and out of your lungs. Now that’s what I call a natural detox. Spending time outdoors can also help ease the mind, calm the body and offer an overall sense of relaxation.


With the surplus of vitamin D being offered during this time of year, we also have to take the time to protect our skin. After all, it's the LARGEST organ on our bodies. To protect your skin there are the rather obvious solutions. You can wear a hat or long light clothing. If you would rather give your skin a kiss of warm air, lather on some SPF. Before purchasing your sunscreen this year, be mindful of the brands and choices you invest in. Just like all other beauty products, sunscreen can be loaded with chemicals. These chemicals seep into the pores of your skin within 30 seconds of applying. Like your food, and beauty products, read the label. Look for a sunscreen without parabens, phthalates or harmful sulfates. Read the ingredients on the label and if you can’t understand it, then I encourage you to put it back. Stick with all natural products.   


Summer is the perfect time to turn up the volume on your workout program, keeping your beautiful heart healthy and strong. Take this time to explore different ways to stay active. Cooler months often mean many of us hit the gym day after day. This time of year allows us to get outside and get active in different ways. You can take this time to go swimming, play tennis, go for a family walk (pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon is a bonus), take in a long hike, run some hills, or run your local park. It’s always a good idea to change up what you’re doing, not only to prevent boredom, but also to challenge your body. Now is the time to get moving!


I’m not saying go all lazy on us, I’m simply saying take some time to have a little fun with family and friends. Spend thenight around the campfire, fishing or playing a round of golf. Summer offers us endless options to let go of the stress and difficulties in life and balance our plates with some joy. Each day this summer make it a goal to find a small nugget of joy and happiness. This is just as important as incorporating greens into your diet. So, find what makes you happy, brings a smile to your face and do that!


As the seasons change, so should our food. Summer means warm weather, which means our farmers markets are busting with local flavor! Take advantage of fresh fruit and vegetables that are ripe and at their best. Enjoy foods this summer that are cooling and light. Incorporate foods like fresh salads, your favorite produce, freshly pressed juices, nutritional smoothies, and plenty of water. The best rule of thumb you can go by is, eat how your ancestors ate during this time of year. They didn’t sit down to warm stews. It was too hot for that! They ate the corn from the backyard and tomatoes from the garden. Be in harmony with nature, eat what’s in season and choose foods that balance you during the warm months of summer.  

Each season we are given the gift of choice. We are given the choice to eat healthy, balance our plates and take care of the temples that our bodies are to be. This summer could be the turning point in where you are right now with your health. We want to encourage you to look at summer in a new light this year. Recognize these months as a time to make a few healthy changes and try something new. 

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