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How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

Working out isn’t usually something we rush out of the house to do. I mean, maybe once in awhile, but most likely not. I’m in love with the physical results, mood boosting side effects, and increase in energy. However, even knowing how good it feels afterwards, there are still days that i have to talk myself into hitting the gym. I’ve recently realized, that it isn’t necessarily the working out part we dislike, it’s more of what we're are or aren't doing that isn't helping out cause. In other words, we often need a little motivation. Here are my favorite ways to stay motivated to workout and fit!

  • Schedule your workouts. Before the week begins, plan what days you are going to workout, and what you will be doing. Write it in a planner and for heaven's sake, don't cancel on yourself (I mean that would be kind of rude). ;)

  • Mix up your workout plan. You don’t have to do the same thing every single day. Remove boredom by trying something new, changing your workout plan each week, and try to keep things new and different. 

  • Find a class, workout buddy, or trainer to keep you motivated. Sometimes we need a little extra boost of encouragement from those around us.
  • Buy some new workout gear and feel good in it! When I get a new water bottle, tank, or pair of sneaks, I’m much more motivated to try my new gear at the gym. Have fun with it!
  • Infuse your water with fruit and herbs. There’s nothing more refreshing than fresh water filled with flavor and nutrition.
  • Get outside and get some fresh air. Not only is changing up your workout important, but also changing up the scene. Try taking your workout to the great outdoors to cycle in fresh oxygen and a enjoy a new view.
  • Workout first thing in the morning. You know what they say, complete your workout before you can talk yourself out of it.
  • Plan a delicious post workout meal or snack to look forward to. Our bodies need recovery meals, so why not make it delicious? If we have something to look forward to, we’re more likely to get the job done. My favorite is our Post Workout Power Bites or one of our protein packed smoothies (check out the recipes page for recipe ideas).
  • After accomplishing your workout goals, reward yourself. Set a goal to determine how many days you want to workout each week, and at the end of the month (if you’ve met your goal) reward yourself with a new tank, pedicure, or even a massage!
  • Sign up for a 5k or other fun race. This will push you to train for the big day, encourage you to get moving, and have something to look forward to!

Working out doesn’t have to be dreadful. Find ways to stay motivated and encouraged to stay on track. At the end of the day, moving your body should be fun, and at the same time challenging. Set goals, put a plan in place, and don’t forget to reward yourself for the hard work you’ve put in!

Why Your Friend's Diet Doesn't Work for You

Your friend Jane has the best bod around. Like the best. She’s long, lean and everything perfect in-between. She follows the Paleo diet, lifts intensely almost every day, and rarely if ever runs. Unlike Jane’s nearly six foot figure, you’re just a little over five feet, and built, well completely opposite of Jane. You left the days of pilates, yoga, running, and kickboxing behind in hopes of taking on Jane’s workout and body. You too have taken on the Paleo diet and every supplement that Jane is taking. While all seems to be working out for Jane, you’re starting to feel like a stocky bull. Your petite figure is now looking thicker, your energy is off, and your mood is as up and down as the newest roller coaster at Cedar Point. You ask yourself, how is Jane’s style of exercise and eating working so well for her, but having the completely opposite effect on me? This is where the bio-individuality theory comes in. While at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, this was one area we focused on quite often. The idea is that no one body is created alike, and we must treat our temples uniquely, giving it what it specifically needs to thrive. In other words, what works for Jane doesn’t necessarily work for you, and that’s okay! 

Before I break down this theory, let me start by saying there are A LOT of people in the health and fitness industry who strongly disagree with me. You may have noticed there are hundreds of diets and workout plans that are on the market. EVERYONE thinks their way or belief is right. I’m here to say there is NO ONE way that is perfect for everyone. So, before you healthy like-minded people start sending me emails to argue your point, let me encourage you to save your time. This is my personal opinion, a belief I live by, preach to my clients, and feel my personal best because of it. Consider reading this with an open mind, hey, you never know what you may learn! 

About two years ago, I found this method to be most true. I had decided that I wanted to train to compete in a fitness competition. My friend had also decided to do it as well. I received my training plan which included my six day workout schedule, limited meal plan, and months without anything I really enjoyed. Within the first week of eating on this plan, I noticed my body started to bulk up (which was the point). I felt tired, crabby, and my clothes felt tighter. My friend, who was also on this plan, didn’t experience the same results. She felt fine and continued with the process, while I decided to stick to my own plan, and opt out of the competition. I went back to eating for health, moving my body in a way that made me feel good, and enjoying this lifestyle that I felt sure of. This taught me several things. One, I’m not meant for the competitive fitness world. It’s completely opposite of what I agree with. Second, health should be enjoyable, and to me that plan was restrictive and boring. Third, just because my friend was looking great on the plan, didn’t mean my body would respond the same. As I said, it didn’t. Fourth, every single body responds differently to exercise. The heavy weight lifting and limited cardio, didn't impress this short body. 

So, what do I want you to gather from this? To begin, find a healthy system and lifestyle that works for you. This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes trial and error. It’s trying something, looking for the result, and basing it off the outcome. Try cutting out certain foods, incorporating healthy options, different styles of eating, and new ways to workout. There is no right or wrong answer. There are however basic principles you should always stick with. This includes a whole foods diet. No matter what style of eating you want to try, you should always eat a diet based off of whole foods. This includes lean organic protein, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. As for working out, I always say, aim for at least 30 minutes of movement a day. The goal is to get you heart rate up and challenge your body. This not only gives your heart the love and attention it needs, but also gives your body a boost too! 

Everyone has an opinion, solution, and the “right” way. Bottom line, only YOU know what works best you. Have fun trying new styles of healthy eating, working out, and enjoying the process. At the end of the day whatever you choose, it should make you look and feel your best!