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Clients often act surprised when I say there’s no such thing as a one size fits all health plan. We all have different body types, needs, and therefore need to create our own unique system to get the best results. You might be thinking, this whole “healthy gig” is way too time consuming. The minute I try one diet, new research comes out saying it isn’t the right way.

I get it. It’s overwhelming digging through the plethora of health and fitness knowledge out there. Everyone argues that their way is right. You must eat protein at every meal, you must cut all carbs, you must drink your nutrients everyday with raw green juices. While there may be great points and effective habits with many of these different styles of eating, it may not be the best for you. It all boils down to trial and error. Find a food system that fuels you physically and mentally. The foundation should consist of whole foods, grown from the Earth, with minimal processing at all cost. When you’re eating right for your body, the results show up. You maintain a healthy weight, have high energy, balanced mood, free of disease, and you feel your best in whatever you have on (or don’t have on). Bottom line, those shirts at the mall may read “one size fits all,” but the healthy lifestyle you live surely doesn’t have to.





Start by slowly eliminating the processed and packaged products you’re consuming. It doesn’t have to be a clean sweep all at once. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and one week at a time. With each step, try to integrate a healthy choice that tastes good. For example, remove the bag of chips from the pantry, and try cutting a sweet potato into thin chip-like pieces. You’re still getting the sensation of a tasty snack, without the unhealthy oils, and empty calories. It’s that whole foods approach that we discussed earlier. Another idea would be to cut back on pop, adding in a sparkling water instead.


A style of eating fits you when you start getting results. As you integrate the healthy food choices, and crowd out the processed food items, you will notice the body will naturally start to change. That is motivation in itself! You will drop down to a healthier weight, fit better in your clothes, lose a few inches, notice clearer skin, increase in energy, and the best yet is confidence. You can have the most expensive and trendy attire on, but if you don’t feel good under all that pricey fabric, then you need to make a change! You want to put on that little black dress, skinny jeans, or yoga pants and feel your best. Confidence carries us in all situations in life. Being healthy, looking your best, and being confident is important for your personal and professional life.



Everyone has an opinion on this. When I work with clients, I give them the choice. While it may be a great way to track your progress, it can also become obsessive. Every pound lost or gained can feel like the entire world is on your shoulders. Feel free to have check in moments throughout the month, but I personally don’t encourage my clients to step on the scale daily. One pound can be lost or gained from a bowel movement or even high water intake. Step back from the scale, and let the other result factors mentioned also be a way that you “check in” with yourself.


Um, NO. You can be an extremely thin human being, but be terribly unhealthy on the inside. What do I mean by that? You may look fit and trim, but that doesn’t mean you’re nutritionally fueled throughout your temple. Nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to health. We need the proper caloric intake, healthy fats, protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This comes from eating those healthy whole foods. This helps us to thrive throughout each day, all while fighting disease. It’s crucial to know that the number on those trendy jeans don’t determine how healthy you’re on the inside. Focus on feeling good, looking good, and that confidence!



You have an event to attend later tonight, and you’re worried that the food you eat will sabotage the way you fit into that little cocktail dress. Yes, I’ve been there done that. However, you end up borderline starving yourself that day, and find yourself binging at the shrimp table, because you’re beyond famished. This then leads to the stomach bloating and you hanging out in the ladies room the rest of the night. Not the way to do it. Stick with a light and balanced food plan throughout the day. You should always start with warm lemon water (and consistently drink water throughout the day as it keeps the skin fresh and glowing), stick with gluten free options, plenty of veggies, at least one serving of fruit, and lean protein. Refrain from foods high in sodium, gluten, and most importantly sugar. You want to feel lean, energized to mingle, and glowing throughout the night.


Health should be simple, effective, enjoyable, and most importantly fitting to you! Don’t worry about the latest diet that everyone is raving about. Stick with the whole foods approach, be observant of the foods that make you feel good, and let your body do the talking (by talking we mean results). At the end of the day we all want to look and feel our best. It is one of the many gifts a healthy lifestyle can give to you!

Athletic Wear to Motivate Your Workout, With Guest Blogger, Stacy Weber

Have you ever noticed how many women and men you see in a shopping mall, grocery store, or coffee shop wearing workout tanks, shorts, or yoga pants?  Do you ever wonder if they’re just wearing these articles of clothing because it defines their style or if they just went to a gym? It seems there is even more to it than that. A 2012 study coined the term “enclothed cognition”, best described as the clothing a person wears can dictate their attitude or performance. 


Even without a study, society tells us that the way we look dictates how we feel. If you’re wearing flattering, comfortable, fashionable clothes your confidence will increase. If you’re dressed in an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants, your confident might not be so high in your performance. And we know, when you feel good, you’re more inclined to workout.  


Have you ever went outside your comfort zone and purchased a new athletic item you loved because of the style, and then changed your workout routine because of it? I know I have. For years I used to wear shorts for running, and slowly starting investing in leggings or yoga pants that took me to the mat. 


Instead of going to brunch on the weekends, many of us are doing our new athletic wear and heading to an exercise class with our girlfriends. Weekends no longer revolve around food or cheat meals, but getting together with friends to get our workout in. I know I’m not the only one. Every Saturday/Sunday I see the same ladies at pure barre or kickboxing getting fit with their friends. 


To be fashionable and trendy you do not need the most expensive clothing in the stores. Take my looks for example. They each have a different price point, and are drastically different from each other. I paired a blue Lululemon Circadian tank with Lululemon Wunder Under pants for a yoga or pure barre class. These are both at the high end of pricing, but are also trendy and comfortable. 

For a second look I paired a pink Nike T-shirt and Nike Running pants with a Nike gym bag. Nike is a major brand that is both versatile and fashionable. Walk into any Nike store and you’re met with an abundance of color and unique designs from any of Nike’s athletic lines. Just being in the store gives you inspiration to workout. 

For my last look I paired brown Old Navy herringbone pants with a white Old Navy tank top. In recent years Old Navy has increased their production of fashionable athletic wear that is extremely affordable. This top for instance was found on the clearance rack for $4, and the pants were just $15 on sale. (They do exactly match Lululemon Wunder Unders in herringbone). 

Athletic wear that is fashion forward will inspire you to hit the gym, or take a class any day of the week! 

Stacy Weber is a lifestyle entrepreneur focusing on fashion and travel. She tells stories online through blogging, social media, and video to share unique trends. Stacy has spent over 10 years in Public Relations for Public Health and Government.  She has spoken at the Centers for Disease Control, University of Michigan, Bowling Green State University, and a variety of national conferences about public relations, emergency management and public health.