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Kick Your Sugar Habit to the Curb!

You can’t miss the health craze that’s happening all around you. The good for you choices are gaining popularity and many more of you are working to improve your health. While I’m more than thrilled with all of this, I also feel like there’s a little confusion. If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m an advocate of organic food choices. However, I feel like that’s where we are getting things wrong. I'm all for organic choices, as it reassures you that your food is grown without harsh chemicals.  But stop right there!  While you're staying away from toxins, you aren't always clear of one thing that will also make a huge difference. That one thing I’m talking about is SUGAR.

Take your standard organic granola product. Turn the box to the nutrition label on the side. You'll notice most granola products are packed with SUGAR! So while you think you're choosing a healthy food option, it really may not be as healthy as you thought after all. One of the first ingredients you will find in most processed foods is SUGAR. Yes, this includes the organic choices too. The fact of the matter is, sugar really affects your health. Let me break the process down for you. When you consume sugar it's converted into energy which may be why you reach for the candy bar during your afternoon energy crisis. That energy is also known as calories. When those calories aren’t burned quickly after consumption, it’s stored as FAT.

This might explain why you aren’t getting the results you’ve been looking for. I say it’s time to check the ingredients in your food and really get a better understanding of what you're eating. Sugar is a sneaky ingredient, to say the least. You'll be surprised to know that it’s in more products than you would think. For example many condiments, breads, and salad dressings are packed with sugar. This is not good! Why? Well, this may be hard to believe, but some studies suggest sugar can be as addictive as cocaine. What? Yes, I said it! If you’re experiencing cravings, weight gain, or acne prone skin then your body may be trying to tell you something. It's time to cut your losses with the white crystallized goddess. I'm telling you the unhealthy sweetness just isn't worth it.

So, what can we do about it? We can start by buying more whole foods, rather than packaged foods. The less boxes and pre-packaged bags we have in our grocery carts, the less sugar you’ll most likely be consuming. Next, really get to know your nutrition labels, or at least check the ingredients in your packaged products (even when it’s organic!). If you see added sugar, I would look for something else. Last but not least, get comfortable using healthy alternatives to sweeten your baked goods and dishes. It will take a little time to adjust, but I think you will be quite satisfied with how delicious your food will taste when switching from sugar to honey and maple syrup. I know you're busy, but planning ahead to make homemade treats and goodies will be much better for you and your family.

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To sum it up, sugar is in everything, and it affects the way we look and feel. Consider cutting sugar out for at least one week to see how you feel. Find healthy alternatives to bring that sweet taste to your lips. If you still aren't convinced, we say you're too sweet to be anything but healthy!