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Body Before Baby

The wedding bells are softly quieting and a new season of life begins to make its way. It’s funny how conversations go from discussing photographers, honeymoons, and careers, to discussing plans of having children. It’s scary and fun all at the same time. Am I really at that age in life where we are planning for children and a home? Which brings me to the word, planning. Any new or seasoned mother is laughing right now as I use this word. After all, my friends who are moms will always say, you can never plan enough or be prepared enough. Right, now I’m even more nervous. If you know me, you know that I live by my planner. I plan the year ahead, the week ahead, and break down my entire day in my gold and white planner. I have one electronic version and often an extra calendar hanging near or around my office. Not planning what I want to plan, is going to be rather challenging. However, the one thing I can micromanage is the way I prepare my mind and body to be at its best before we officially let go and let God. I will say, this is hard for me. As I reflected back on last year’s post, I really don’t open up, or share my personal life with you guys. Yes, a little here and there, but nothing really deep. It’s a moment of vulnerability, but I feel called to share this in hopes of encouraging any other hopeful mamas to be. After all, the way we treat out bodies before, during and after pregnancy, is crucial. Before I begin please know that I’m well aware that you can be the “healthiest” person on the face of planet Earth, and still face complications getting pregnant, during pregnancy and even the delivery. There is never a guarantee that this will be the hope for a perfect pregnancy. In fact, I don’t look at it that way at all. I look at it as the chance to do everything I can to be at my best, for any blessings that may come our way. At the very least, even if nothing happens, it’s a reminder that we should always be working our hardest to bring health and balance to our temples. Before I begin to share what I’m doing to prepare my body before baby, please keep in mind this is my own opinion and views. I’ve discussed my own personal goals with my doctor and suggest you do the same before making any changes.


You knew I would start with food. We all know that this is one of the largest contributors to leading a healthy lifestyle. A whole foods approach, packed with nutrition, and everything you need to thrive. It’s not only what I’m eating but the chemicals that can come with our food choices as well. I’m paying close to the Dirty Dozen Clean 15 list when not choosing all organic. You can find the current list at What we put into our bodies becomes our body. In other words, our food becomes our cells, skin, and makes up what we are. While I’m still allowing myself treats on occasion (so I you see me out I’ll most likely be enjoying my “cheat meal” with pizza and wine), I’m really taking this time to focus on how the food is contributing to my health, and hopeful pregnancy. In addition to my food choices, I’m also taking vitamins to balance my health and nutritional needs during pregnancy. With my doctor’s guidance, I’ve been taking a prenatal for quite some time, along with other supplements to boost my health. Again, talk to your doctor before making any changes.


We don’t exactly know how toxins from food, the environment and products in our home can directly affect our growing babies. However, there is not enough evidence out there to suggest these factors can contribute to complications for your child. While there is no guarantee, keeping a healthy home, and using toxic free products may help. Consider switching to green or natural products for cleaning, cooking, and body. Also, be mindful of the plastic that you're using and stick to BPA free choices.


Yes, exercise is super important for women before, during, and after pregnancy.  Studies show exercising while pregnant can help with maintaining a healthy weight, and potentially offer a smoother delivery. So, what are you waiting for? Whether or not you're thinking about getting pregnant, you can reap the benefits now. If you’re thinking about starting a family, give your body the time to get in its best shape to bounce back post pregnancy. Not only that, but it will also give your body the time to adjust to physical activity. Many doctors encourage expecting moms to stay away from physical activity that their bodies aren’t used to. In other words, don't wait to get pregnant to get active!


Living a stressful life is something we all are challenged with. It’s hard to walk outside of your home or drive in your car without dealing with a little stress. For me, this is one area that I’m really trying to focus on. I don’t want a stressful environment at all, especially when trying to have children, or when we bring our bundles of joy into this world. I’m working on destressing by focusing on deep breathing, essential oils, fresh air, time away from electronics, and joy in my life.


My husband just said to me, only put out into the world what you want to get back. In other words, your mind is extremely powerful. Our thoughts and mindset can totally affect our outlook on life, and how we feel about people too. This is seriously a struggle for me. The idea of not being great at something or perfect, really can make me feel like I’m flat out terrible. Those negative vibes can then carry into our work, home, and even relationships. I’m encouraging you to be mindful of it and nip it in the bud! I’m also reminding myself that being perfect isn’t practical, and accepting the fact that no one is perfect. Let go of what you can’t control and put forward positive vibes. Oh yeah, when we officially hit the “trying” period on the calendar, you better believe I’m going to have fun, and not stress or worry about if something is actually happening.

These are just a few things that I’m doing to get ready for this next chapter of our lives. For those of you who may be wondering, you won’t be hearing any baby announcements real soon. So, no need to ask after I post this! ;) I simply want to give my body what it needs to be at its best, and whatever God chooses to do from there, is completely up to him. Even if you aren’t planning for a family, or have already had your babies, these are still great habits to bring into your life. I mean regardless of where you’re at in life, it’s never too late to get healthy!


Let's take a moment to reflect on the last twelve months. For some of us, there were moments of progress and restored health. For others, it was month after month of losing track of yours goals, and maybe even falling off track altogether. In the beginning of the year, when we set new resolutions or goals, we tend to be a bit more encouraged and even successful. However, time races on, and the excitement and drive begins to fall short. This happens for many shortly after we ring in the new year. So, how can we kick off 2016 with practical health and wellness goals that we can stick to? Here are three ways to get started! 

1. Write out each goal you'd like to accomplish for the upcoming year. Under each goal, be specific with what you want, and add the necessary action steps needed to achieve these goals. Place the final copy of your goals in a place where you can see them daily. We like to place our goals on our refrigerator or bathroom mirror! This is also a great place to add encouraging quotes or motivational words.

2. Set practical goals and start small. EVERYONE aims to lose a large amount of weight and never touch chocolate for the following 365 days. Let's be honest, it sounds good, but often becomes overwhelming or unattainable when we can't seem to figure out where to begin. Make small goals to start, check in with yourself and your progress every couple of months. Feel free to add new goals as the year  progresses. Remember, small changes in the beginning, lead to big results in the end!

3. Love yourself and body enough to give it what it needs. We want to encourage you to stop putting your health last in the new year ahead. It should be at the top of your priority list. You have one temple to live in for the rest of your life, treat it kindly and it will love you back! 

Here at our healthy home, our goal is to offer you a place to learn and grow. When you stop by we hope to encourage you and motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. We do this through our free recipes, workout ideas, health coaching videos and regular blog posts. Our healthy team is here for you every step of the way! Thank you for being a part of our healthy home in 2015. We appreciate all of your support and look forward to helping you reach your goals in 2016! Happy New Year to you and yours!  



They say it takes just 30 days to for a healthy habit to form. While we may not have the numbers to back this theory, we do believe integrating consistent healthy changes and a supportive community can lead to results. That’s exactly why we’re hosting our 3rd Annual Planks and Thanks event. We offer this FREE thirty day challenge to help motivate you, while encouraging you to stay healthy, and grateful during the holiday season. 

According to, plank exercises are a popular element of isometric training, which involves contracting your muscles against stationary resistance. Isometric exercises are common for injury rehabilitation or reconditioning. Isometric exercises, such as planks, can help you get past strength-training plateaus and improve energy transference between your upper body and lower body. Plank exercises, in particular, benefit multiple elements of physical fitness and your general well-being.

So, how does it work? We've created your plan for the entire month, showing the plank goal for the day. Feel free to modify or increase the intensity to meet your own personal needs. In addition to holding your daily plank, we then encourage you to practice gratitude. November is the month where we give thanks, but often lose it amidst the busyness of the season, and preparing for the big family feast. We like the idea of offering yourself at least five minutes and then writing down what you are grateful for in a journal. 

As we said, having a supportive community can really make a difference in your health and wellness goals. We have set up a FREE Facebook page for our November Planks and Thanks challenge. The idea is to share your pictures, results and encourage one another throughout November. 

20 Habits to Fall into Health

1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

2. Allow fresh air into your body and home daily.

3. Eat at least one serving of dark leafy greens per day.

4. Use natural cleaning and beauty products.

5. Listen to your body and respond to its needs.

6. Make meaningful connections and maintain healthy and encouraging relationships.

7. Love your life, even the less than pleasant areas, which often help you grow.

8. Find a workout buddy, class or healthy community to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.

9. Spend less time on your electronics, yes, this includes your cell phone.

10. Buy more whole foods, preferably organic.

11. Maintain your living space, keeping it organized, and clean.

12. Complain less, and by less we mean almost never.

13. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, and be sure to keep the room cool and dark.

14. Take conscious deep breaths throuhgout the day.

15. Allow yourself at least five minutes every day to be still, pray and meditate.

16. Move your body in a way that feels good and stretch it out too!

17. Practice patience and accept people for who they are. Remember, you can't change other people!

18. Drink more water, add fresh lemon juice and drink it first thing in the morning.

19. Dry brush before showering and exfoliate each week.

20. Practice GRATITUDE.  

ABC's of Health

Often we make this whole healthy lifestyle thing more complicated than it really is. We overthink our food choices, exercise routine and often make excuses as to why we can’t start being healthy until Monday morning. Health isn’t like algebra. Why? In our opinion there is no one solution. We have to put our own equation together to find the right answer. So, put your pencil down and get ready to change your health goals with our ABC’s of health. It’s the perfect time to rethink what you’re doing as the kids head back to school, summer winds down and a new season knocks on our door.


There are many studies that prove children who eat breakfast have a higher performance level in the classroom. Hunger levels are shown to be more stable, mood and energy levels are balanced and they are less likely to suffer from childhood obesity. Now if we could just get adults to understand this concept, we could really make some progress on the report cards! Just because you are no longer in the classroom, doesn’t mean this no longer applies to you. Bottom line, eating breakfast not only makes a difference in the way you work, but always plays a LARGE role in your metabolism and results. When I begin consulting my clients, breakfast is often the first place I start. I find clients either don’t eat a healthy breakfast or breakfast at all. Once we crowd in breakfast and healthy choices, things really start to change! Don’t forget, before you break your fast, hydrate with a large glass of H2O. Your body is dehydrated after a good night’s sleep. Here are a few healthy breakfast suggestions for you and your kiddos.


You may have heard me use this quote before, “If you fail to plan, then you can plan to fail.” It sounds a bit harsh, but the point of this is to show you that the first step to getting healthy is to start planning and do your best to always be prepared. This is not only good for your daily tasks and schedule, but also for your food, workouts, and overall goals. You need to start preparing your kitchen, so you have no choice but to reach for healthy options. Fill it with good for you foods and prepare what you can for the week ahead. The more prepared you are,  the less likely you are to find yourself in a pinch to make a good choice, which often leads to running to the drive through, or devouring a bag of chips because you are too tired to do anything else after a long day.

Plan the week ahead (meals, workouts, schedule)

Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy options

Prepare your meals and lay our your clothes the night before


I’m a Health Coach who is totally against the whole calorie counting system. While many systems have you counting away every bite you take, I truly feel if you are eating whole foods with proper portion sizes, then you can skip that annoying task. Not to mention, 100 calories of chips and 100 calories of nuts or vegetables are totally different. Doing this and not worrying about every bite you put into your mouth leaves you room to enjoy this life, and focus on the better things.

Trust me, the less you nitpick at every little health related decision or choice, the easier this will become. In other words, don’t make this more difficult than it really is! Listen to your body, eat whole foods and trust the process and journey. Whether you are just starting this healthy journey, or are knee deep in green juice, or you’re looking for a little inspiration, our ABC’s of health will keep this whole process less like a complicated equation and more like small simple steps to a healthier you!

Our healthy home wants to wish all of our parents, teachers and students the best of luck as they take on a healthy and balanced new school year! 


Run, jump, skip, and play. Those words and movements were familiar to you as a child. However, now you don’t hear them as often. I think it’s because we have lost the sense of play. In our adult lives, thinking about playing outside just seems almost ridiculous, unless with little ones. You don’t have time for that after a long day of work and chores that still haven’t been finished. Bouncing a ball, removing the daily cares and swimming for fun just seems childish. That’s just it. Sometimes, we need to be “childish.” If we brought out our inner child now and again, we might just find exercise a little more fun, life a little bit more enjoyable, and stress that much less. Think about it. As a child you woke up when ready, ate when hungry, played as though burning calories didn’t exist (but naturally you burned a lot), and went to bed when tired. Naps weren’t out of the question, nor were expressing how you felt, when you felt it. This may not be something you incorporate every day (especially because your boss wouldn’t appreciate you showing up whenever you decided you had enough sleep), but it is something to include into your healthy lifestyle now and again. Here are five ways for you to get in touch with your inner child, and we believe he or she is still in there!


We forget that allowing ourselves to be creative is therapeutic and fun. Find time for creativity in your life. It helps to let go of stress, and release feelings in a more enjoyable way. Think back to your childhood and recall what you loved to do for fun. It could be painting, another form of an art project, sidewalk chalk, dancing carelessly, or putting together an arrangement of flowers. There is no one right way of doing this. Get in tune with what your younger self liked to do, and then go do it!


Being careless doesn’t mean you are irresponsible and unsafe. To me this means waking up on a Saturday morning, throwing on some clothes without any cares or thoughts, ordering something at the bakery that you would have ordered as a kiddo, and then indulging without any regrets. You may think it sounds odd that I’m telling you to go for it, but when we do, I often find my clients tend to not struggle with as many cravings and binge snacking. Oh yeah, spend one day just letting go of the daily chores and tasks. So what, your laundry pile got a little larger and that birthday card goes out one day later, it’s not going to hurt anything. So, let go and free your careless self (at least for the morning!).


We recently spent a week on a beautiful lake in the heart of Michigan. We were surrounded by sparkling waters, sunshine and little judgement. To let go and have fun as if no one was watching (because they really weren’t) was so much fun. We would sing and dance into the late hours of the night, with the stars twinkling above us. Truly, it was the best ab workout I’ve had in a long time thanks to the non-stop laughing my cousin and I experienced. To not worry what the people think, to move freely while having fun, is a wonderful thing. Even if “they” are looking, try not caring, it feels great. You should try it.


If you’re having fun while moving your body, you may not dread working out as much. Try going outside, getting fresh air, and being active like your younger self would. Think back to when you would get fresh air in the great outdoors, riding your bike for hours around the neighborhood. You would be laughing and having fun, while staying active, without realizing it was good for you. Maybe it’s a bike ride or maybe it’s a fun day playing in the pool. Whatever it is, just have fun with it!


What did that person say? I wonder if they think we are weird. Did we come across as too strong? Does that person like me? The constant questions and wondering that takes place in the human mind can be draining. Do yourself a favor. Stop caring and analyzing every comment and gesture someone makes at you. As children we didn’t spend countless hours of our lives wondering if the kid in our pre-school class thought we were cool enough. We were true blue to whom we were (wetting pants and all) and didn’t take it home with us. So, be you and let others think what they want today.  

Although bringing out your inner child may not seem practical every day, you can at least be mindful, and choose maybe a couple of days out of the year to incorporate these suggestions. Trying just one of the suggestions while you unwind and distress during the weekend, may help you relax. You don’t have to wish you were a kid again! You can bring your younger self out to play every once in a while, and who knows, it may give you the best version of you yet! 

Note: Photos did not com from


I know finding the right (healthy) beauty products isn't always easy! It's not that you don't want to use the less toxic products, it's just that they don't always do the job. Yes, I agree it can be tough! Not to mention, who has time to go digging through the plethora of so called "healthier" brands out there? Not to worry my sweet and healthy friends. I have put together a list of some of our favorite bathroom essentials. I look for healthy, natural and good for you ingredients!

1. Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Lavender. It's flip flop season, which means our toes are out and being painted on the regular! Sorry to break this news to you, but nail polish and remover can be extremely toxic. When I came across this little gem, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take care of our mitts with this deliciously smelling product. It is soybean oil based, non-toxic, non carcinogenic (carcinogenic could potentially cause cancer), derived from American farm crops, and packaged in biodegradable and recyclable materials. It doesn't smell bad, it quickly removes the polish with little product and it lasts forever!  

2. Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen. You may have heard me talk about this line before. I absolutely LOVE this company and what their product does for my skin. Origins is a natural skin care company with earth-friendly practices. I love a number of its products, but for summer, I'm digging this tinted moisturizer. It hydrates the skin, protects it and gives it an energizing look. Foundation isn't always needed, especially on hot summer days. We use this product in place of our foundations to give than even and glowing coverage. In my opinion, this is a MUST HAVE! 

3. Burt's Bee's Pink Grapefruit facial cleansing towelettes. I love Burt's Bee's effort to provide natural beauty products for the whole family. It's a product that doesn't leave you guessing what it's made of. You can understand most of the ingredients, leaving you feeling good about what you put on your largest organ (skin)! The towelettes wash away the dirt, oil and make-up after a long and busy day! It's especially great for after a workout, or sweaty yoga sesh, when you can't rush home right away. Not to mention, it smells fresh and AMAZING! 

4. Aveda brilliant Damage Control with chamomile. As you can tell there is a theme going here. I like to invest in earth-friendly and environmentally friendly products. That's where my love affair with Aveda comes in, because the company does just that! As much as we should be protecting our skin from UV rays, we should also be doing the same for our hair and scalp. Not only does this spray protect against thermal styling and breakage from combing, but also sun damage too! Spray this on towel dried hair before styling and before heading out to get some sun. 

5. Eco by Sonya Invisible Tan. This is NOT the first time you have witnessed this Australian beauty on our healthy home. I rave about this product because I love the ingredients and what it can do for our skin. It is a certified organic moisturizing self tan for face and body. It's created with a blend of aloe vera, avocado oil and rose geranium oil. The invisible vegan formula won't stain your sheets either. So, you can put it on before bed without any issues. Save your skin from sun damage this summer and stick with this safe and healthy alternative. 

6. Pink Grapefruit Organic Raw Sugar Scrub from Dirty Girl Farm. To say that I am obsessed with this Michigan based company is an understatement. My husband's aunt who lives in the Detroit area introduced me to this lovely product and I haven't stopped using it since. The company created natural and organic products for your skin and home. Since we are all about grapefruit this summer, we are loving this scrub. It does wonder when trying to scrub away dry skin. It also leaves my skin glowing, moisturized and smelling delicious! I can read and understand EVERY single ingredient in this product. AWESOME! 

7. Bug Off! from Dirty Girl Farm. I told you we love this company. This product is a natural alternative to those chemical laden sprays. It uses a blend of botanicals and essential oils to chase those pesky bugs away! It is also safe for children and pets. Not only do I love that it fights of bugs, I also LOVE the smell of this spray. It smells like a sweet summer night, that I can't get enough of! 

Note: was not paid to endorse or compensated for any of the items above. Opinions and views are our own. 

5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer! Ah, just saying that word makes me smile from ear to ear. School is letting out, the backyard grill is heating up, and the warm sun is shining upon our faces. It’s a beautiful time of year as the flowers and gardens organically come to life. As we watch nature turn into a picture perfect view, we can also take this time to check in with our health routine, turn up the heat, and make this summer the best one yet. Here are some of our favorite ways to stay or get healthy this summer.


We have waited all year for these warm and toasty months to return. Many of us spent a lot of time indoors these last few months, while “Old Man Winter” had a hissy fit outside. Now that the cool temps have finally taken a hike, it’s time for us to get outside and take in some fresh air. Fresh air truly does do the body good. It allows fresh oxygen to circulate in and out of your lungs. Now that’s what I call a natural detox. Spending time outdoors can also help ease the mind, calm the body and offer an overall sense of relaxation.


With the surplus of vitamin D being offered during this time of year, we also have to take the time to protect our skin. After all, it's the LARGEST organ on our bodies. To protect your skin there are the rather obvious solutions. You can wear a hat or long light clothing. If you would rather give your skin a kiss of warm air, lather on some SPF. Before purchasing your sunscreen this year, be mindful of the brands and choices you invest in. Just like all other beauty products, sunscreen can be loaded with chemicals. These chemicals seep into the pores of your skin within 30 seconds of applying. Like your food, and beauty products, read the label. Look for a sunscreen without parabens, phthalates or harmful sulfates. Read the ingredients on the label and if you can’t understand it, then I encourage you to put it back. Stick with all natural products.   


Summer is the perfect time to turn up the volume on your workout program, keeping your beautiful heart healthy and strong. Take this time to explore different ways to stay active. Cooler months often mean many of us hit the gym day after day. This time of year allows us to get outside and get active in different ways. You can take this time to go swimming, play tennis, go for a family walk (pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon is a bonus), take in a long hike, run some hills, or run your local park. It’s always a good idea to change up what you’re doing, not only to prevent boredom, but also to challenge your body. Now is the time to get moving!


I’m not saying go all lazy on us, I’m simply saying take some time to have a little fun with family and friends. Spend thenight around the campfire, fishing or playing a round of golf. Summer offers us endless options to let go of the stress and difficulties in life and balance our plates with some joy. Each day this summer make it a goal to find a small nugget of joy and happiness. This is just as important as incorporating greens into your diet. So, find what makes you happy, brings a smile to your face and do that!


As the seasons change, so should our food. Summer means warm weather, which means our farmers markets are busting with local flavor! Take advantage of fresh fruit and vegetables that are ripe and at their best. Enjoy foods this summer that are cooling and light. Incorporate foods like fresh salads, your favorite produce, freshly pressed juices, nutritional smoothies, and plenty of water. The best rule of thumb you can go by is, eat how your ancestors ate during this time of year. They didn’t sit down to warm stews. It was too hot for that! They ate the corn from the backyard and tomatoes from the garden. Be in harmony with nature, eat what’s in season and choose foods that balance you during the warm months of summer.  

Each season we are given the gift of choice. We are given the choice to eat healthy, balance our plates and take care of the temples that our bodies are to be. This summer could be the turning point in where you are right now with your health. We want to encourage you to look at summer in a new light this year. Recognize these months as a time to make a few healthy changes and try something new. 

Note: Most photos in this article are from the internet, not Also, we are not endorsed by Honest. We simply chose a product that we have used and like

Eat Healthy & Save Money

If I had a quarter for every time someone told me eating healthy is expensive, I could pay for this week’s grocery bill. Since money doesn’t grow from comments, I decided it would be best to set the record straight. Yes, healthy food choices can seem more expensive and if not done the right way could cause your monthly grocery budget to bust. Before you break the bank or jump back to your unhealthy habits to save a buck, we encourage you to give our way a try. Here are several ways to save big by going healthy.


Tis’ the season to get close to your farmer! I have been preaching this since I first started working as a health coach. Your local farmer’s market is the place to save! My husband and I try to utilize our farmer’s market for most of our produce, and I’m here to tell you why. You can get everything from fresh vegetables, fruit, honey, eggs, meat, and even non-perishable items for much cheaper. So, why is it cheaper? It’s cheaper because the farmer from around the corner can simply grab his goods and make his way to the market, which means you are paying the farmer and not the big companies who raise the prices. Can you say SAVINGS? What’s even sweeter about this money saving tip is you are supporting the local economy while saving the environment from carbon emissions that come from transporting goods. Oh yeah, don’t be afraid to ask the farmer if they have organic crops. Often times, farmers will refrain from spraying but aren’t able to spend the big bucks to carry the USDA label.


Before you head to the grocery store, eat! When hungry, we are definitely more willing to grab the sugary snacks winking at us on the shelves. So, eat a healthy snack or meal before entering the kingdom of food. Be sure to sit down and plan what you will need for the week ahead. If you know what you’re having, then you can buy what you need, saving you from spending on the extra. This will also help use up the food, rather than allowing it to go to waste. Also, say no to the extra snacks, drinks, and treats that might sneak onto your list for pleasure. YOU DON’T NEED IT! If you don’t spend the extra money on soda, pretzels, and other snacks then buying the organic options can be feasible. Those extra treats really add up! One last thing, use up what you have in your cupboards and refrigerator before you buy more. As we mentioned in kitchen post, keep things organized so you know what you have, and don’t end up buying more of the same thing. Unless you are the Duggar family, you don’t need to buy 20 pounds of salsa, and keep half of the farm in your freezer. Buy what you need, use it that week, and return to the grocery store for what you have run out of.   


I don’t know about you, but fresh berries in our city are extremely pricey. In fact, we have refrained from buying fresh berries for most of the winter because who wants to spend $6 on a tiny container of raspberries? Not this girl! Produce tends to be more expensive when not in season. Knowing what produce is in season can help you determine what prices are higher than normal. There are ways to get out of season produce so you can ensure you’re getting your favorite fruit, vegetables, and nutrition too. We opt for frozen organic produce when the goods we want are out of season. The food is picked and frozen rather quickly to seal in the nutrients, so you are still getting the benefits. Another option is to stock up when produce is in season and freeze. Not to mention frozen berries and spinach really add a thick and delicious consistency to smoothies. Try it out!


Spend a little more now and save on your medical bills. It honestly amazes me when people have serious health issues, spend big at the doctor’s and pharmacy, but won’t invest in the one area that could prevent or improve the illness. I’m not saying we don’t need doctors or medication, because we do. I’m saying we often have the ability to prevent or improve our conditions with the foods we eat, and how we live our lives. Here it is plain and simple, food is medicine. We all know when we eat better, we feel better. It’s because food has the power to give our bodies what is needed to thrive. If you are one of the lucky ones thriving off of processed foods, you now have the chance to make a change before it’s too late. While your body may be functioning the way it should now, don’t be surprised if you run into complications down the road. So, spend the extra $10 at the grocery store. What you don’t pay for now, you could pay for later!


A CSA, also known as Community Supported Agriculture is when one invests in a share from a local farm, and in return receives local produce each week. This is definitely becoming more popular, as people are finding they can receive delicious goods picked within the week. This means more nutrients, because produce is usually picked and handed over within the week. There are many different shares you can take part in, different prices ranges, and ways to get involved. My husband and I did one last summer and each week we would head to our pick up location, and the farmer would have our produce and eggs ready. We would take our container of goods and return for the next week. Keep in mind you don’t always know what produce you will be given each week, which mean you need to be prepared to find some recipe ideas and get creative.

You see, eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of extra money. There are plenty of ways around it, if you plan and shop wisely. We understand that the price of some healthy options can give you the ol’ sticker shock. Remember, if you aren’t spending on the extras it should balance out. So, start planning, get creative, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the grocery store!