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It has been a sincere privilege working with Jenna. During the short, three months I worked with Jenna, amazing transformations happened. First off, Jenna is a kind, sweet, and encouraging person. During every meeting, I felt supported, encouraged, and never judged. Jenna is one of those people whose energy for health and fitness is contagious. Her love and passion for all things health definitely radiates from her. Because of Jenna's guidance, I have developed life-long habits that I never believed I could actually maintain. Jenna makes food planning, meal prepping, and grocery buying super easy. Her approach is straightforward, clear, scientific-based, and effective. She made small changes in my meals each week. I had no idea those small changes actually would equal large health benefits. My fruit and vegetable intake has greatly increased, I am eating a lot more whole foods, I am not longer intimidated to go to the grocery store to try to find "healthy stuff", and my sugar intake has significantly lessened. I am also more excited about exploring different recipes! Jenna is a great resource. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jenna. She has made my journey to health and wholeness joyful, meaningful, and fun! Thank you, Jenna.

Erin V. | valued client

I never would have signed up for a health coach if I did not already know Jenna. I did not think I needed to be told how to eat, and felt pretty confident in my own ability. I exercised regularly, but was going to Jenna only for some accountability in the area of self control in my eating. What I came out with was so much more. Jenna asked the right questions and was able to help me dig deep into the issues behind my eating habits and choices. She was able to help me see how unhealthy I was living, not only in my eating, but in a lot of other areas of my life. I stopped working with her, because I was not yet in a place to apply what I was learning from her. Months later, I am now in a place where I am taking what I learned while working with and applying it. Working with her gave me confidence, skills, and focus that I did know I had or could have. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and truly believes in what she does. I know her personally, and professionally, and she is the real deal. She was able to put aside our friendship and keep our health coaching relationship professional and goal oriented which I think is something very hard to do. I would encourage anyone who is in a place where they are questioning their health, or want to explore: sign up, even just for a month, and see where it goes, it is totally worth it.

Lauren V. | valued client

My 4 week Meal and Fitness plan with Jenna was amazing. Coming in with such a rare eating disorder, (PKU) Jenna gave me so much confidence. She researched all about it, and really had a feel for what it was. I had never met someone in the nutrition world who really had an understanding, so that was a huge relief. It meant so much to me how often she reached out. I felt as though I could reach Jenna at all times. What a reassuring feeling! I could be open about everything. I can honestly say, there was not a single meal I dreaded. All the recipes were delicious. Through the whole month, I have realized how much better I feel, mentally and physically while eating healthy & (whole) eating / working out truly effects your happiness! I can't wait to continue my health journey!

Megan S. | valued client

The pregnancy meal plan Jenna created for me was beneficial during pregnancy and post pregnancy! It helped me to maintain a healthy pregnancy the entire time I was carrying my daughter. I can honestly say my labor and recovery were a breeze too! I give much of that credit to the healthy habits I kept while pregnant. Now that my daughter is here, I admit that I have no time! Having the mindset to prep and plan ahead of time has been a huge help. I can't imagine trying to get into a routine now with so many other things going on, and so little time. The encouragement to drink water was super helpful as well! During my pregnancy, I drank more than 80 ounces of water each day and I have continued to do so. Starting Jenna's meal plan and reading her posts has encouraged me on my own healthy journey. I'm grateful to say it has become my normal routine. It's is nice because I'm able to squeeze in a quick workout when I can and I feel like I've already established a healthy way of living with a new baby! I haven't weighed myself, instead I'm listening to my body, and how it feels since I'm breastfeeding. My stomach isn't a six pack but I honestly couldn't be happier. Since I only gained weight with baby Knowlyn, my stomach grew both naturally and slowly. I'm following Jenna's theory that a healthy body and home starts in the kitchen!

Kate C. | valued client

I am someone who has experienced the benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise but I was struggling to get myself to take the necessary steps. Jenna helped me step back and break my life down into sections so I could work on achieving better balance. While it sounds very simple, having someone else help me determine what was preventing me from implementing the steps of health and wellness as part of my daily life really helped set me on the right path. And while she was encouraging, she was also great about letting me do it at my own pace. While we many of us may already know the steps we need to take to eat healthy and exercise regularly, sometimes some outside help just makes everything click. Thanks Jenna!

Kari T. | valued client

For the first 40 years of my life I have always been able to eat or drink whatever I wanted. Always been a moderation guy. However 10 weeks ago that all changed. I started having major stomach issues. After visiting my doctor, test results showed I have a wheat allergy. I struggled for a few weeks not knowing what I could eat. Living off of rice chex and corn nuts! Not making this up. I had little to no energy. Luckily one day I found Jenna on social media. I checked out her website, and I am very grateful that I did. Jenna came up with a 4 week meal plan for me. I have since finished the 4 week plan, and can honestly say that I have never felt better in my life. Energy levels are great, I don't have my in between hunger issues anymore. Jenna has been there with me step by step. If I have had a question it has always been answered in a timely manner. I had to ask her if she sleeps! I am so grateful for her help. My journey has just begun, but I know I can count on Jenna for for great advice.

Alex D. | valued client

I started working with Jenna in early December. My business was taking over my life and I was not taking care of myself and I knew I needed some outside help. I was not eating right or just eating on the run, which meant eating out or not eating at all. I was so busy that I couldn't figure out what foods to buy at the grocery store and farmer's market. I felt like I couldn't find time to cook. So, I continued to gain weight. When I found Jenna on Facebook I was thrilled because I knew it was the answer I was looking for. At first my focus was to lose weight, but I soon realized after through Jenna that the meals weren't my main problem, it was finding balance. The first week she had me sit down for breakfast, sounds simple right? It's not for someone who doesn't take time to eat breakfast. I found it to be a struggle because I had to force myself to sit down, eat my breakfast,  and do nothing else during that time. It turned out to be the best thing for me and I look forward to breakfast every morning. At our weekly meetings Jenna would ask me about my life and things that I liked and wanted to accomplish, never even talking about diet or weight loss. She would suggest adding certain foods to my diet, but never said I had to cut out any food. She never told me I had to exercise, just helped me find more hours in the day that I didn't think I had. Then without even knowing it, the exercise and food changes happened along the way. I am thrilled and amazed that in just one month I have lost weight, I'm sleeping better, and best of all I have time for what I want to do while getting my work done. Jenna has helped me bring calm to chaos. I look forward to our weekly meetings and am excited to see what goals can be accomplished in the months ahead. Jenna is a genuine, caring, happy, healthy person who is truly interested in helping you reach your goals. I could not have done any of this without Jenna's help and will recommend her program to anyone that is ready to make changes in their life. The changes are simple and are now effortless. I feel amazing and it's just the beginning!

Tracy Z | valued clients

My name is Christina and I'm a mother to a beautiful four- year-old boy and also expecting our second child! I have always struggled with eating healthy and choosing what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I've tried other meal plans, but they were always time consuming and tough on the wallet! When I started Jenna’s four week meal plan, to the first trip to the grocery store I felt awesome! I knew this healthy lifestyle and meal plan would work great! Boy was I was right! It’s easy to follow, budget friendly, and offers delicious meals! Life can be busy, especially when raising kids, but the meals in the plan take no more than ten to thirty minutes. I've learned so much about how to live a healthy lifestyle thanks to Jenna Lento! I would recommend this to anyone!

Christina P | valued client

I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Jenna. She truly cares about her clients and healthy eating. Over the years I have tried to lose weight many times on various diets. What I learned most from Jenna is not to look at eating healthy as a diet but rather a lifestyle. During my four week program, I was able to lose 16 pounds! More importantly, I am better educated on what I eat and have learned to make better choices. The greatest part is that I have never felt deprived during the process. It is amazing how much better good healthy food tastes to me then the processed junk I used to eat. If you are on the fence whether or not to try Jenna’s program, I would definitely encourage you to give it a try. I am so glad that I did!

Jennifer S | valued client

First, I have to say how fabulous the four week program is! I've done different programs in the past, and they all came up short, in one way or another. I was looking for something to work for my ever changing and fast paced life. I am a travel physical therapist, so I know all about nutrition and health, but still struggled with it. Jenna Lento's four week program is very easy to follow with her day by day meal guide, recipes and weekly grocery list (which I loved the most)! I get bored quickly with the same foods over and over but this program kept my taste buds satisfied! I will say when I initially started the program, I felt pretty tired for the first few days. I then learned my body was detoxing. After my body adjusted to the new way of eating, I felt fabulous! If you have a busy life, this four week meal program will help jump start your journey to a happy and healthy life.

Terra G | valued client

I am so blessed to have met Jenna at the exact time I needed her. Stress and feelings of being overwhelmed were taking over my life, causing very self-destructive eating habits and negative self-image. I felt trapped in a very dark place and I became a slave to the very thing that I was using to try and make myself feel better; food. I felt that I had lost control, not only of my health and of my food choices, but of my entire life. After hearing Jenna speak at the Public Relations Student Society Gala at the University of Toledo, it was clear to me that I needed Jenna’s help. She helped me to understand what clean eating was, the importance of organic food, and the why’s and how’s of being healthy. She helped me take control of my Primary Foods which led to taking control of my Secondary Foods. She helped me put joy back into my life by showing me that I wasn’t a slave and that my food was not the enemy. Jenna is such a blessing and I look forward to working with her in the future!

Bailey A | valued client

I've spent my entire life dieting. I grew up with my mother, aunts and grandmothers always dieting. I have tried every fly by night quick remedy out there. Cabbage soup diet, South Beach diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Medical Weight Loss, Phen-fen, Nutri-System, HCG drops…you name it; I've done it. I've done everything but go under the knife to find a way to lose weight. My daughter is four years old, and I don't want her to even know what a diet is. I am an educated woman who knows what to do, but I've never felt I had the time, energy or ability to implement that knowledge. I was more than 100 pounds overweight and began Weight Watchers…again. Again, I knew what to do but failed to implement exercise, drink enough water and eat the RIGHT choices for my points. I knew how to save up points for the day so I could enjoy my wine, steak and potatoes on the weekend. The yo-yo once again popped up. I lost the weight but still felt defeated when I would go up and down every week based on my choices.Jenna began her training and started to talk online about healthier lifestyle. I heard the optimism in her posts and thought I'd give it a try. Within two weeks, I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership. Working with Jenna with a personal connection is just the solution I've always been seeking. With Jenna as my coach, I have accomplished many things. I no longer drink the Diet Coke which was a staple. I understand how to read food labels. I eat a healthy breakfast to start every day. I have more energy, and I can occasionally smile at myself in the mirror. The weight is coming off, but I'm trying not to focus on the number on the scale and be more aware of how I feel. When I began working with Jenna, I couldn't stand up during spinning class because my legs couldn't hold my weight. I am stronger, healthier and happier. The best thing about working with Jenna is that she is genuinely invested in my success. I no longer feel alone in this battle. I have a friend and coach who succeeds and fails with me. When I have an off day (or two), she is there with me, not judging or disapproving of my choices, but analyzing why they happened and looking for strategies to ensure I can do better the next time. We've been working on this one for a while…I CAN DO THIS!

Leigh Ann K | valued client

"I have been working with Jenna for about two months. The meal plans she prepares are easy to follow, and no two weeks are identical. You don't get bored. It's forced me to try new foods and I'm finding I like things I've never thought to try. I tried to eat clean on my own, but I didn't do well on my own. I like the accountability of weekly meetings. I need that to stay on track. Jenna is easy to talk to and offers suggestions and advice."

Dawn B | valued client

I feel so lucky to be a member of Jenna's program and just to have the privilege to know her! She is truly a woman who practices what she preaches and positively strives for others to be the best they can be! Her meal plans make it easy to stick to a diet plan because it's really not even dieting. She believes in being healthy and feeling good about yourself; not starving yourself or completely giving up the foods that you love. This makes it so easy for anyone to transform themselves to living a healthier lifestyle and feeling great! I have always found it difficult to find healthy recipes that actually taste good. But with Jenna's website, I am constantly trying new recipes and have yet to find one I didn't love! The meals are simple to make at a feasible cost. This makes meal planning each week so simple and actually fun! Thanks Jenna, you're truly an inspiration to all!

Aisha K | valued client

"I started to work with Jenna after years of trying unsuccessfully to improve my health on my own. I knew what I needed to do, I just couldn't get it together enough to really get in a groove. I knew that there was something I was missing that I needed. I heard that she was taking new clients as a health coach and set up a consultation with her. She listened and took notes on my life, schedule, habits and past experiences with great positive attention and detail. Not only did she set up a great smart meal plan each week based on my likes and needs for my physical body but she also week by week helped mentally get things together as well. This was what was missing. She encouraged me to find a way of arranging my schedule that would work better for me on every level, helped me find places to shop that fit my budget and my health goals, and has helped me by knowing how and when to introduce the next goal to keep my progress moving forward. After only a couple months working with her I have went down 2 pants sizes, dramatically increased my day to day energy (I'm getting twice as much accomplished in a day), my knees no longer hurt, and I literally notice at least one big new positive change every week! Jenna is the perfect person to go to if you are looking for "that thing that's missing". She is always 100% positive, non-judgmental, knows her stuff, and is truly rooting for you with all her heart!"

Corey A | valued client

"Since having been a part of Jenna's health program, the results have been incredible. Not only have I learned so much about nutrition, I've also learned little tips that go a long way when striving after a healthy lifestyle. Weeding out unhealthy relationships, adding joy to each day and creating a good support system, has enabled me to live a happier and cleaner life. As a result of all the components Jenna has taught me I have reduced stress, improved my quality of sleep, increased my energy levels, experienced weight loss and for me the biggest impact, I have learned how to meal prep efficiently. Jenna is the ultimate health coach, she is always there when you need her and is always in contact with you. This has by far been the most amazing health journey I have been on and couldn't think of anyone better to guide me and teach me!"

Alex L | valued client

Where to start with what I love most about the four week meal plan from Jenna? makes shopping and meal prep easy, sustainable, so satisfying and inspiring. Maybe that doesn't make sense to everyone, but I can't say enough about it...because I was shocked that after 3 days on the plan, my mood and tension had elevated to a place that I couldn't remember the last time I have felt consecutive joy over a period of days. Starting off with the reminder to pray and meditate has been huge! And an added bonus was losing 5 pounds in 2 weeks. The meal plan is training me to do the right and good things without thinking about them. I have not been hungry once and my taste buds have enjoyed the abundance of flavor in the meals. My favorite is chocolate covered berry smoothie. If in doubt, try it for a week, you'll feel the difference! It will inspire you to keep going and even try new things without ever feeling deprived.

Jennifer F | valued client

"I am a mother of two (a 2 year old and a 5 month old), I'm breastfeeding, working, cleaning, laundering, playing, rocking, reading, praying, etc. all day long. I felt so overwhelmed with busy (an understatement), but I needed to do something to make sure that my toddler and my infant were going to be learning the best eating habits they could. I myself had terrible eating habits and I didn't want to pass those down. I reached out to Jenna not only because I had baby weight to lose but because I wanted my family to be healthy and for that to be a thoughtless act and not something they needed to work at. I wanted to set them up for a healthy lifestyle. After two months of working with Jenna my grocery budget didn't need adjusted, I have meals (yes, meals cooked) for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks 7 days a week. And best of all - they're fuel for our bodies. My daughter will choose an apple over Vanilla Wafers and a Smoothie over store bought apple juice, she drinks almond milk and eats quinoa. Who doesn't want the best for their children? For most of us it's not a matter of wanting it but knowing how - that's where Jenna's amazing talents come into play. She listens to you and develops menus that work for you and your family. It's an amazing relationship and the motivation to keep going is beyond helpful. The cost is nothing compared to the benefit."

Lindy K | valued client