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Finding your rhythm in life can be challenging. As women, we have a million different things on our plates.

 It's filled with a serving of career goals, a tablespoon of family time, and a side of taking care of our homes. It's sprinkled with busy schedules and if we're lucky a glass of good health to top it all off. Ahh, that one word that often gets the least amount of attention. Health. Which lets be honest, looks different for everybody. We all have different lifestyles, bodies and needs. So, I'm taking the stress and chaos out of living healthy. I'm taking away the popular diets and filling it with a customized approach. The goal is to find practical solutions to a happy and healthy lifestyle. I like to think of it as, you can have your piece of cake and healthy lifestyle too! 

As a wife and mama of one sweet baby boy, I understand the struggles that come with juggling life. 

We want to give our all to everyone around us, which often leads us to put ourselves last. Well, I'm here to put a stop to that! I stand by the thought of, if you aren't properly taking care of yourself, at some point it's going to be really hard to take care of everyone around you. I get it. I've balanced a corporate career as a news anchor, being a new mom, a wife, and everything else in between. 

So, take a deep breath. I'm here for you, and I'm ready to help you find your healthiest self! 

Throughout my experience, I received a Bachelors degree from The University of Toledo, with a focus in communication. After spending several years reporting the news, I decided to take a break to follow my passion of a healthy lifestyle through balance. So I went back to school at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition based out of New York City. This is where I earned a specialized board certification as a Holistic Health Coach. I officially launched my business in 2013, during which I became certified in Barre Fitness in northwest Ohio. For a period of time, I taught fitness classes, worked as an Emmy Award winning journalist, ran a health consulting business, and held public speaking events in the corporate workplace. After I found out that my husband Evan and I were expecting a little blessing in 2017, I knew it was time to pause and welcome a new season. So, I'm doing just that. 

I now live my life with a passion to help others, and I want EVERY woman and mama, to find their balance as well.